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This toolkit has been put together for you! It has been created to aid you in enriching and extending your work when using stories, writing, and literary resources. Why a toolkit, you might ask?
Humans tell stories; humans listen to the stories of others; one story whether heard or read often prompts another story; and stories can be both highly personal and/or take the reader/hearer to places – both internal and external – that they have never been before or that are familiar and comforting. Hence, those that facilitate whatever the variation of reading, writing, or mixed reading and writing groups need to be attentive to ways to enrich and enliven their facilitation. So, welcome to the toolkit.

Foreword to Toolkit Website

by Kenneth Calman
Words are remarkable agents for change. When put together in stories, poems, plays and books, literature in whatever form, presents ideas, reflections and stimulates the imagination. One of my great heroes, Sir William Olser, a Canadian Physician, wrote that the writer uses words to bring him or her, “mind to mind” with the reader. Stories, books, poems are ways of connecting minds and people and making the reader think differently. Words can also be used to expand knowledge and assist learning, and in clinical care that works both ways. read more…

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