Some Words About Words

A Blog by Ted Bowman

Tell me if I’m sharing too much, if I telling you more than you want to know about me. For years, I have been in love with words. My wife, children and grandchildren know about my love affair with words. And, yes, there have been times when each of them has […]

Magic Dust

I have recently returned from China where, by chance, one day, I came across some men who were practising writing Calligraphy with some water and brushes on  pavements covered with dust.

A crowd of passers-by stood quietly watching. Unaware of the people gathering around them the men teased intricate patterns in the dust.

There was a slow […]

Fields of Gold

by Frances Ainslie
As 2017 rustles into Autumn I’m already squirreling away my ‘book hoard’ for winter, and hanker for hours of fire-side reading. Where July and August were inspirational with magical Moniack Mhor and various literary festivals, it’s now time to put my feet up and reflect on what I’ve learned.
The Edinburgh Book Festival offered […]

Emergency Poet

The world’s first and only mobile poetic first aid service
A mix of the serious, the therapeutic and the theatrical, the Emergency Poet offers consultations inside her ambulance and prescribes poems as cures. In the waiting room under an attached awning Nurse Verse dispenses poemcetamols and other poetic pills and treatments from the Cold Comfort Pharmacy. […]